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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coming, Summer 2015:

New Guerrilla Theatre is a new platform for funding and developing performing arts talent. We use film, stage performances and street theatre to win sponsors for musicians, singers, actors and dancers performing in original musicals.     Rock the Casbah is the debut effort. The goal is to put on a musical. The real story is how we achieve this as outsiders, starting without big money, or big connections – only big dreams.
A documentary film series will capture the challenges we face each step of the way. Instead of renting theatres, selling tickets and hoping to get enough to cover costs, we’re producing the musical scene-by-scene on the streets, in public spaces indoors and out, invited and uninvited. These guerrilla theatre performances will be filmed for the documentary and as trailers for YouTube, etc., creating promotional leverage and viral momentum for both our sponsors and our eventual stage performance.
The essence of New Guerrilla Theatre is Just Do It: turn the business disadvantage into a cultural and marketing advantage.

     This is the true story of a band of writers, musicians, actors and dancers producing a musical as outsiders, in the streets, for the people.
Rock the Casbah brings a politically, socially and artistically relevant musical experience to a new generation in new way. We need musicians, actors, dancers, coreographers, directors, sound techs, videographers, video editors, fund-raisers and more. Don't delay:
Join us now! 
For information on how you can participate, contact:
Dave McCombs, executive director, New Guerrilla Theatre Ltd.

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