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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rock the Casbah Premiere Party Aftermath

       The mad rush of actors, singers, ticket takers, turbans and guitars all came together for a smashing performance July 18th at Las Chicas (Tokyo Salon) in Omote Sando.
      Many thanks to all who contributed so much effort, especially in the final weeks leading up to the show. It was a tough start, from ground zero, performing the show in public for the very first time, but well worth having done. 

      The measure of our success is that we completed the show, as planned, and drew more than 50 people to the venue that night. We certainly left the audience wanting more and, more than that, left ourselves vast room for improvement. 
    The road ahead for Rock the Casbah is long, with many more rehearsals to go before the next show. But we have begun down that road, and that's what matters most.
      What we now have on the drawing board are plans for a July performance/party. On paper, it will be roughly the same: 3 or possibly 4 scenes from the play, a full set of Clash songs from the band, a warm-up act and a DJ.
       In practice, we are taking the performance to a much higher level with the inclusion of dance, real stage lighting, better costumes and much stronger, more thoroughly rehearsed acting.
        To that end, we are in the process of recruiting a choreographer, dancers and actors for at least the roles of Amir, Billy and Khalid. Coty Saxman is committed to continue as lead in the role of Johnny Mohammad and front man for the show band. Given the strength of his performance on only three weeks of rehearsals, we have very high expectations for our next outing.

July 2016

Rock the Casbah: Premiere Party  II              

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